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These pages have been created to share the Family History information that has been gathered about our ancestors; since its inception the scope has increased to cover many family names with which we do not have a connection - only a small percentage of the individuals shown are related to us.

Chapman County and Country codes (BS.6879:1999) have been adopted throughout, and some Monumental Inscriptions have been abbreviated. Whilst the information source is not always quoted, we have tried to ensure that, in the best traditions of Family History recording, most are. . We have traced most of the known co-laterals, so there are a large number of people shown from EAST DORSET - WEST HAMPSHIRE area and the CAMBRIDGESHIRE - HERTFORDSHIRE - BEDFORDSHIRE - borders.

We are indebted to Mr James B Hollick for his very great contribution to this archive and for giving us the inspiration to trace other ancestors. We hope others will be able to benefit from our combined efforts. We must also thank the many distant relatives and friends who have generously contributed additional information and photographs (acknowledgements in source field links).

Bob is a member of the Lincolnshire Family History Society, and the Cambridgeshire Family History Society.


If you find any information which you know, or believe, to be factually incorrect please drop us an email with the details (and any citable source); we will be pleased to make the necessary amendments. We have made every effort to ensure that no details of living individuals may be identified from this information as it not our intention to cause embarrassment or compromise the safeguards used commercially for establishing the identifying of individuals for security purposes - or to be in breach of the Data Protection Act 1998.

These pages have been created from "The Master Genealogist for Windows" using John Cardinal's "Second Site 4". These Webpages are copyright and are subject to copyright protection. We would be pleased to receive any email relating to this information; It's compilation, which began in 1993 continues, and we would be pleased to receive any additional information.

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